I love taking pictures of people. I’m still a bit inhibited about taking photos in public places. But when I see people who look interesting or who are caught up in their activities, I love “capturing” the beauty I see in their faces and interactions. At art fairs,   I photograph the artists and people who are just enjoying the experience.img_0485-2

At museums, I love the interplay between the visitors, each other  and the art.  People have different postures and ways of relating to each other in museums. 2014-11-03_2216


At public events, the faces and personalities I see are endlessly fascinating. Children are always beautiful to me. Usually a parent will nod approval when I show them I  want to take a picture, but other times, at the zoo or at festivals, I just catch their expressions, their enthusiasm or their concentration.


I will start posting photographs in these categories. Since I am still new to this  WordPress blogging, I may be changing how I add photos within these categories. So I’m still trying to figure how to work with “Categories, ” “Posts” and “Pages.” Let’s see how it works.