At the Museum

This page will gather material from all of the At the Museum Posts. As images are posted they will be added here.

To start this page, I have included images and  text  from the first At the Museum post. After this, I will only add the images as I post them.

I think I enjoy watching people in a museum as much as I like looking at the art. I visit lots of museums and take lots of pictures when I do. I love taking pictures of art that has moved me and captured my attention. Another album has lots and lots of photos of art objects I have enjoyed. Some I have seen them many times. Others are familiar because they are quite well known. Still others were brand new to me when I first encountered them.  As always, when I have my camera, I SLOW DOWN, and I think I enjoy the visit even more.


But those images, as beautiful as they are, aren’t going to be part of this blog. At least for now. What I will include as part of the People section of this blog, are images of the people I have encountered as I have visited art galleries across the country. Ethnic festivals, moments of quiet contemplation, confronting the mystery of it all, discovering , connecting, being inspired…all of these are who we are when we are “at the museum.”