Reverie at the Nelson-Atkins

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It should be obvious now that I love to take pictures of people at our wonderful Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. Photography is often prohibited at special exhibitions, but I was able to take photos in two recent exhibitions. One was of an extremely large painting by a contemporary Chinese  artist Xu Longsen  (The Law of the Dao Is Its Being  What It Is) which is done in the style of older Chinese landscape masters. It was easy to get lost in the many passages and inner landscapes of the whole piece. At quiet moments people were transported into another time and place as they stood or sat letting this impressive work lead them into its tranquil setting.

img_0743 img_0769 img_0761 img_0757

Another exhibit took us into France in the late 19th century. Here again visitors were enchanted, this time by a large field of flowers.

img_2227 img_6179

Looking at a painting with a friend is always special..






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