At the Museum

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I think I enjoy watching people in a museum as much as I like looking at the art. I visit lots of museums and take lots of pictures when I do. I love taking pictures of art that has moved me and captured my attention. Another album has lots and lots of photos of art objects I have enjoyed. Some I have seen them many times. Others are familiar because they are quite well known. Still others were brand new to me when I first encountered them.  As always, when I have my camera, I SLOW DOWN, and I think I enjoy the visit even more.



But those images, as beautiful as they are, aren’t going to be part of this blog. At least for now. What I will include, however, as part of the People section of this blog, are images of the people I have encountered as I have visited art galleries across the country.


The art objects are  always a patient and cooperative subjects.  But the people move quickly in and out of my vision, and I am very lucky to find myself with a photo that catches what I saw and tried to hold on to. Some of these people were just looking at the art. But some were in other activities like art classes or festivals.


As time goes on, I will be adding many posts in this subcategory. For now here are a few to get us started on this challenging but fun category. Remember, you can often click on an image to enlarge it andsee others in a slideshow format.

To view all of the At the Museum images collected thus far you can click on At the Museum .



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